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Melbourne’s Best Sandwich Spots

25th May 2017

Often the corner shop or local milk bar offers a great selection of freshly made rolls. However, have you noticed the trend in Melbourne lately of American inspired tasty sandwiches, or delis making fresh rolls with the cold meats at their fingertips? This week we have travelled to find some of these lesser known gems that create amazing sandwiches in all shapes, styles, sizes and with all ingredients. These make for the perfect place to show off to your friends or relatives. All of the venues we visited offer both an amazing sandwich (or two) and a great surroundings to enjoy. 

Big Dogs Deli 

Found tucked off Swan Street in busy Richmond, Big Dogs Deli represents everything that is great about Melbourne, with a tasty American twist. The simplistic interior and open kitchen is welcoming to anyone lucky enough to stumble by. Serving premixed cocktails, tap beer, cider and an array of canned beers, it's has become a crowd favourite. Big Dogs Deli is an excellent spot with great atmosphere — pay them a visit to enjoy a quick bite and a cold beer before heading to a game at the ‘G’.

Since opening in late 2016, Emely Donegan has tweaked the menu several times to perfect the array of sandwiches on offer. To say there is only one crowd pleaser on the menu would be a great understatement, as there are several sandwiches that deserve space in your belly. The flagship sanga, 'The Big Dog', is heavily influenced by the time Donegan spent in LA and Portland. It’s made up of prosciutto, pork and fennel salami, pecorino, pickled fennel, pickled peppers aioli and a spreadable salami called nduja, on a toasted ciabatta… it sounds (and tastes) like a real mouthful. 

For a long time we have been trying to find a decent roast porchetta roll in the ‘burbs, and finally we have one worthy of writing about. The aptly named 'Piggy Wiggy' caught our eye as soon as we stepped into Big Dog’s and we weren’t disappointed. The porchetta is stacked aplenty and not just made up of the perfect looking white meat like so many sandwiches we have tried. Donegan ensures there is also the soft fat and the crispy skin making up the sandwich. There is a sandwich on the menu for everyone at Big Dogs and the best time to enjoy is definitely in the afternoon with a cold beer. Be sure to head out the back and check out the courtyard. Like the deli itself, there is a lot more to the space than meets the eye!
327 Lennox Street, Richmond


In a Pickle

Some of Melbourne’s best sandwiches are made behind the glass cabinet of a deli. In a Pickle is a stalwart of Hampton Street, selling delicious, fresh sandwiches to the local community for years. The delicatessen offers a small array of sandwiches on a menu, however, the best way to order is to become the boss and choose directly from what you can see.

Choose from a selection of meats, cheeses, olives and everything in between. Add your cheese and spread, then watch the deli master package it into the bread of your choice. It’s best to come hungry to In a Pickle, as the sandwiches are anything but small. There’s also the option to grab some cold cuts from the fridge, or take a look around the store and you might find something else of interest. We can almost guarantee you will, as the store is jam packed with all sorts of gourmet products, from honey marmalade to green chilli jam.
626 Hampton Street, Brighton

Maker and Monger 

Sometimes good sandwiches are made even better when they are grilled. Sometimes a grilled sandwich is made even better when you flame it. Intrigued? So were we. 

Maker and Monger is a raclette and grilled cheese bar situated in the Prahran Market, specialising in traditional recipes like the Swiss raclette melted on heritage potatoes and shiitake mushrooms. After realising the popularity of the melted cheese dishes, the inventive owner came up with the 'Flamed Ruben'. The sandwich is made up of a 5 & Dime Rye bagel, mustard, Russian dressing, homemade sauerkraut, Robbin's Island wagyu brisket, pastrami and cheese. It’s then grilled and flamed to perfection. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Maker and Monger also features three other delicious sandwiches; the 'All American Grill' with two types of cheese, the 'Pimenton and Cayenne Grill' with Southern Pimento cheese mix and cayenne pepper, and the award winning 'Fondue Grill' featuring award winning Heidi Gruyere and Bulla Crème Friache. People come to Maker and Monger to try the sandwiches, however, they stay for the experience and to watch the internationally recognised cheesemonger, Anthony Femia, do his thing. It’s the perfect experience to show off to any friends or relatives!
Stall 25, 4 Market Street, Prahran

Wolf and Hound 

Small in stature but big in attitude, local favourite Wolf and Hound sits cosily off busy Racecourse Road in Flemington. Though small, the menu features nearly as many booze options as it does coffee and food, including an appetizing Bloody Mary, only available on Saturdays. This could be the ideal morning spot, if you’ve had a late Friday night.

The cafe features the Melbourne favourites like smashed soft boiled eggs on toast and of course the ever popular avocado smash. The star of the menu, however, comes in the form of a large toasted and pressed white roll named 'The Franklin'. The ex-president is packed full with slow-cooked pork shoulder, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, ‘mojo sauce’ and pickles, and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. There is one more sandwich on this selective menu, 'The Gracie'. Made up of baked garlic broccoli, cheddar and sweet pickled mustard, it will not only please the vegetarians out there, but also anyone looking for a smaller but just a delicious toasted sanga.
60 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington