Inspire Me

Hot Drinks in Melbourne
Melbourne loves good coffee, but there is more than one type of hot drink you can get your mitts on. From alcoholic drinks that warm your soul to good coffee and hot chocolate that you can rely on, heat up your insides by mulling over one of these delicious hot beverages.
Holiday Activities with the Kids
The school holidays are a great opportunity to spend more time with your children, however, at times it can be hard to keep them entertained. Time and time again we visit the same places in an effort to keep the young ones amused, yet they are often left nearly as bored as us. This week we have visited some of the little known spots around town that are a godsend for you and the kids.
Are you a resident of a suburb in Wyndham City Council? We would love to hear your feedback on the local area in order to ensure it remains a compelling destination for visitors.
Around the World in Four Parts of Melbourne
Well… not so much around the world in four stops, but this week we are taking you around Melbourne in four stops to taste the wonders of the world. From amazing American inspired burgers in Epping, to traditional Afghani meals in Dandenong, these restaurants are sure to impress even your most discerning family and friends!
West Footscray
The City of Maribyrnong is home to several unique shopping strips which offer surprise and delight around every corner for shoppers of all ages. Wonderful discovery awaits when the exotic foodie havens of Central and West Footscray rub shoulders with the historic villages of Yarraville and Seddon.
Melbourne has long had a thriving live music scene, however, in recent year’s venues which were once seen a pillars of the scene have come under threat. Thankfully, there are still many pubs and hotels that are committed to the cause of keeping the music playing long and loud. This week we take a look at some of the most influential live music venues in suburban Melbourne, all of which still offer great food at great prices. These are the perfect venues to impress any family or friends you are trying to keep entertained during their stay in Melbourne!