Inspire Me

Dining in Rich History
We bring you four restaurants that took our breath away, not only due to the quality of food, but also the history behind the buildings. These are great places to take any visiting friends or your own family. Enjoy the food and lap up the history!
No matter the weather, we always enjoy a cosy old pub. We have picked our favourite four Melbourne joints that are perfect for a pint next to the fire during the winter, and a parma in the sun during the summer
Lau's Family Kitchen
This week we have ventured into your backyard to try and find some of the best Chinese restaurants Melbourne’s suburbs have to offer. These restaurants represent the diverse nature of Chinese food and provide the perfect outing for impressing a colleague, treating your partner, or taking the kids out for an experimental meal.
Brimbank is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Australia, it has a very rich cultural history and its beauty is astounding. We have created a dynamic itinerary for you and your family or friends.
Melbourne's Best Donuts
Melbourne has long been in love with deliciously rounded sugar buns filled with liquid goodness. For over 40 years there have been institutions like Dandee Donuts and Olympics Donuts serving up these sweet treats to Melburnians, though lately the market has grown to new heights and that’s thanks to many of these places we recently visited.
Just outside the Melbourne CBD sits one of the city’s most beautiful areas. Wide open parks, great galleries and amazing street art, the City of Yarra is a great place to show off to your friends and family.